Bee Removal Leucadia

When are honey bees on my Leucadia property more than just a nuisance? How can I safely remove the bees without getting painful bee stings? Do I have a beehive in my wall or attic? These are some of the most common questions homeowners and business owners in the Leucadia area have when it comes to a possible bee infestation. When you think you may have a bee situation on your hands, the first call you should make is to San Diego Bee Removal Pros. 

The bee removal specialists at San Diego Bee Removal Pros have the skills and experience to safely remove the bees from your property. For almost 15 years, we have been protecting Leucadia residents and their homes from bee infestations with our natural live bee removal services. We completely remove the bees without using pesticides or chemicals that harm bees and the environment. When we remove the bees from your property, we remove them alive so that they can be rehomed at our apiary. By doing this, we are doing our part to protect honey bees by giving them the space to thrive and continue to pollinate. 

Full-Service Bee Removal Leucadia 

At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we offer customers in Leucadia and the surrounding San Diego communities a variety of services to help them remove and prevent bee infestations on their properties. Hives built inside your home have the potential to create a lot of damage to your drywall, stucco and siding. Bee removal specialists may even have to remove pieces of a structure to access the bees and hive. Our team provides top-notch bee removal repair services so your home will look as good as new after the bee removal process. 

Live Bee Removal Leucadia 

Bees have an important role in our ecosystem. That’s why we use only natural bee removal methods to ensure they remain safe and unharmed during removal. Our specialists do not use pesticides and always remove the bees alive from your home or property to be transported to a local beekeeper.  

Leucadia Bee Removal Repairs 

Although small, bees can destroy homes and other structures. Melting honey from the hive can damage your walls and attract unwanted pests, causing even more destruction. San Diego Bee Removal Pros specializes in repairing homes that have been damaged by bee infestations. We always guarantee our work so you can feel confident that you won’t experience leaks at the site of the bee removal. 

Bee Proofing Leucadia 

After removing the bees from your home, it’s critical to take steps to prevent bees from coming back in the future. Our team uses a safe, oil-based sealant to treat the area and cover any leftover odors that could attract bees later on. We also expertly seal any entry points where bees can access your home such as holes or cracks in your siding, stucco or drywall. 

Honey Bee Rehoming 

After our team has successfully removed the bees and the honeycomb from your Leucadia property, we transport the bees to our own local apiary so they can continue to pollinate. By doing this, we are helping to preserve our bee populations and contribute to the local San Diego ecosystem. 

San Diego Bee Removal Pros – Live Bee Removal Services Leucadia 

If you think you have a bee infestation on your Leucadia property, don’t hesitate to contact San Diego Bee Removal Pros for expert live bee removal services. Bees can wreak havoc on your home and pose a danger to humans and animals if they are aggravated. You need a team with the experience and equipment to remove the bees safely and in the most humane manner possible. 

Contact San Diego Bee Removal Pros today to schedule an appointment with our expert live bee removal specialists.