Bee Removal Point Loma

Live Bee Removal Point Loma

If you’ve been noticing more honey bees buzzing around your Point Loma home or business, it might be more than just a sign that the spring or summer seasons have arrived. It could also mean that you have a bee infestation on your property. At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we can help you determine if you have a bee situation on your hands and suggest the most effective ways to manage the bees safely and humanely. 

San Diego Bee Removal Pros is a leading provider of live bee removal, bee removal repairs and bee proofing services in Point Loma and the surrounding areas. We strive to protect and preserve the honey bee populations by using only natural bee removal methods without any harmful pesticides. After successfully removing your bees, our bee removal specialists transport the bees alive to our local apiary where they will continue to do what they do best – pollinate! 

When you want to feel confident that your bee problem is solved, you need a professional team of live bee removal specialists to completely remove the bees, the honeycomb and the hive. In doing this, we can help prevent bees from infesting the same area again in the future. Plus, with our years of experience in the construction industry, our team can expertly repair any structural damage that occurred from the bees or the bee removal process.  

Point Loma Bee Infestation Services 

San Diego Bee Removal Pros has been providing reliable, affordable and full-service bee removal solutions for Point Loma homeowners and business owners for almost 15 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to completely remove problem bees while using the most humane bee removal techniques available today. Offering professional bee removal services for Point Loma and the surrounding areas including: 

  • Live Honey Bee Removal 
  • Honeycomb and Hive Removal 
  • Bee Removal Repairs 
  • Bee Proofing 
  • Rehoming of Bees to Local Beekeepers 

Bee Proofing Services Point Loma 

Removing the bees from your Point Loma home or business is just the first step in preventing future infestations. At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we don’t stop at just removing the honey bees. Our team will also remove all of the honeycomb. Why? The honeycomb can contain pheromones that attract bees. By removing the odor, we can prevent bees from being tempted to return to the same location again in the future. 

Our bee proofing specialists also use a special, oil-based sealant to close up any cracks, seams, holes or crevices in your building’s structure that could be an entry point for honey bees. The sealant also works to cover up any leftover pheromones that could attract bees later on. 

Point Loma Bee Removal Services – San Diego Bee Removal Pros 

If you are noticing an increase in bee activity on your Point Loma property, there is a chance that you have a honey bee hive or swarm on the premises. When hives are built in your walls, attic or under your roof, they can wreak havoc and result in expensive home repairs. Don’t wait to remove the bees until it becomes a problem! 

Contact the professionals at San Diego Bee Removal Pros today to learn how our experts can safely remove your bees using the best humane, live bee removal techniques. As the premier live bee removal company in Point Loma, we have a reputation for providing quality service at affordable prices. 

Do you have a beehive or swarm on your Point Loma property? Call San Diego Bee Removal Pros for your free quote today.