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A bee infestation at your home or business can be much more than just a nuisance. Even after they have been removed, bees can leave behind a lot of serious damage to your walls, roof or ceilings. Depending on where they have made their home, bee removal specialists may even need to remove parts of your structure. If repaired by an inexperienced bee removal repair company, you could be left with a leaky roof and a big repair bill in the future.

At the first sign of a beehive or swarm on your property, call in the pros! Contact San Diego Bee Removal Pros for the best bee removal, bee removal repairs and bee proofing available in the San Diego area.

Our specialists are skilled at removing even the trickiest of hives and swarms from homes and other structures. With almost 20 years of construction experience, our team can expertly repair your property after the bee removal process so you won’t have to worry about leaks or other issues. Plus, with our bee proofing services, you’ll never have to fret over a bee infestation again!


Bee Damage? We Repair Your Wall, Roof or Ceiling

Bee removal is just one step in the process of eliminating a frustrating bee infestation. Often, homeowners and business owners will need bee removal repairs to fix damage to drywall, stucco, ceilings, roofs and walls.

Bees like to build their nests in roofs and walls, areas that are often difficult to access. The bee removal repair specialists at San Diego Bee Removal Pros may have to dismantle portions of your wall, ceiling or roof to get access to your buzzing bee visitors. Once they gain access and successfully remove your bees live, they will also remove the hive and honeycomb so you won’t have to worry about bees returning to the same spot in the future. Then, they get to work repairing any damage and returning your structure to its original condition.

Many people don’t realize how destructive those little bees can be when they are building their nest. The honey located inside the honeycomb can melt in hot conditions and seep into your building structures causing a lot of damage. It can even attract unwanted rodents that can create even further damage to your property. No thank you!

We Repair Damage Caused by Bees

No-Leak Guarantee

When the team at San Diego Bee Removal Pros performs your bee removal and bee removal repair services, you can feel confident that you are getting the best service at an affordable price. You also get peace of mind in knowing that all of our repairs come with a no-leak guarantee. When we repair your wall, roof, ceiling, stucco or drywall, it will be done right the first time!

Why Choose San Diego Bee Removal Pros?

At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we use the safest and most humane live bee removal techniques available today. We never use pesticides because we care about preserving and protecting bees and benefitting our local environment. To this end, our bee removal specialists safely rehome the bees in a San Diego apiary where they can continue to support the pollination of the surrounding area. A win for you, and a win for the bees!

At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we rely on our almost 20 years of bee removal repair experience to provide our customers with the best service at a great value. We understand that a bee infestation is never expected and always a nuisance. An aggravated swarm or colony can result in unsafe conditions for people and pets. Same day service is usually available.

San Diego Bee Removal Pros is just a call away! If you need bee removal repair in San Diego County, contact San Diego Bee Removal Pros today.

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