Bee Removal Rancho Santa Fe

An infestation of honey bees in your Rancho Santa Fe home can cause more than just a health hazard. Bees have been known to cause significant structural damage to walls and roofs. Even if you are not allergic to bee stings, a large swarm of bees or a hive in your home is never a pleasant experience. Homeowners need to hire professional bee removal specialists at the first sign of a bee infestation. San Diego Bee Removal Pros provides homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe and the surrounding areas with superior live bee removal services to help rid their homes of bee infestations. 

Bee Removal Services Rancho Santa Fe 

At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we are proud to serve Rancho Santa Fe and the surrounding San Diego communities with natural bee removal and control services. We never use pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to bees or the environment. Our bee services include: 

  • Live Honey Bee Removal 
  • Honeycomb and Hive Removal 
  • Bee Removal Repairs 
  • Bee Proofing 
  • Rehoming of Bees to Local Beekeepers 

Bee Removal Repairs Rancho Santa Fe

Many people are surprised to find out how much damage a beehive can cause to their home. Our team at San Diego Bee Removal Pros has years of experience in both bee removal and home repairs. When our specialists come to your home, we will first remove all of the bees and beehive from your home. Then, we will make all of the repairs needed to bring the impacted area back to its normal condition. Our goal is to remove your bees while also making sure that your home and family are safe and sound. 

Bee Proofing Services

When you think you have a beehive on your property, the first and most important step is to call San Diego Bee Removal Pros for live bee removal services. After successfully removing the bees and beehive, our team will transfer the bees alive to our apiary where they can continue to thrive and pollinate. 

But our work is not done. A critical step in the live bee removal process is bee proofing your home. Bees have a keen sense of smell that they can use to sense pheromones left from previous hives. Our bee proofing professionals will take the necessary steps to ensure that these pheromones are undetectable to new colonies so more bees are not attracted to the area in the future.  

At San Diego Bee Removal Pros, we use natural bee removal processes that keep the bees alive. This means that we don’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides. Our bee proofing experts use a special oil-based sealant that is safe for bees to fill in any cracks or seams that bees could use to enter your home. We work hard to bee proof your home so you won’t have to worry about new bees returning to the same spot in the future. 

San Diego Bee Removal Pros – Rancho Santa Fe Bee Removal 

Bee infestations should not be taken lightly. Beehives can cause serious damage to your home and create safety risks for you and your family. When you have a beehive or swarm on your Rancho Santa Fe property, your first call should be to San Diego Bee Removal Pros. Our team of professional live bee removal experts will be dispatched right away to help you rid your home of bees. With our humane and effective bee removal techniques, you can rest assured that your bee problem will be solved and the bees will continue to thrive.

Do you have a bee infestation in your Rancho Santa Fe home? Contact the experts at San Diego Bee Removal Pros for all of your live bee removal, bee removal repair and bee proofing services in Rancho Santa Fe and the surrounding San Diego area.