What to Do If You Have
A Beehive on Your Property

Seeing a few bees buzzing around your home during the spring and summer is not unusual. In fact, it’s a good sign that the bee population in your area is thriving. But when you start to hear more than a pleasant buzz of honey bees on your property, it may be a sign that you have a beehive nearby.

For the most part, this is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if bees have decided to build their nest on your property or in your home, you might have a larger problem on your hands. Although small, bees can cause a great deal of damage if they have made their nest in the walls, attic or roof of your home.

When you think you have a beehive on your property, you are probably wondering how to best handle the situation safely and quickly. Not only do you want to avoid costly damage to your drywall, stucco, siding or roof materials, but you also want to ensure the safety of the people and pets on your property. Bee stings can be unpleasant and very dangerous to those who are allergic to bee venom.

Once you have determined you have a beehive, what should you do next? San Diego Bee Removal Pros is here to help! Follow these steps if you locate a hive on your property or in the structure of your home.

Locate the Source of the Honey Bees

Even if you feel confident that you have a beehive somewhere on the premises, it’s critical that you locate the exact location of the hive. Why? You want to avoid the area so you do not aggravate the bees, resulting in aggressive bees and nasty bee stings. If you find the spot where the bees are entering the hive, do not attempt to block the entrance. This will often encourage the bees to find another access point and create even more destruction to your home.

Come in Peace

It may be tempting to take on the bee removal process on your own. However, it is never a wise idea to try to eliminate your bees without the help of a professional. The best thing to do is give the bees some space until expert live bee removal specialists arrive on the scene. Generally, honeybees are passive and mind their own business, gathering nectar for the hive and pollinating plants and flowers. If they are aggravated, they may become aggressive.

Never attempt to disperse or kill the bees! Avoid spraying the hive with a hose or tossing objects at the hive in an attempt to dislodge it from your structure. This will only create a colony of angry bees. It is also never recommended to use pesticides or other chemicals on a beehive or swarm. Due to the delicate nature of our bee populations and their importance to the ecosystem, we should all strive to protect and preserve our local honeybees.

Call in the Pros

The most important step is to call in a team of professionals like those at San Diego Bee Removal Pros! Our expert live bee removal specialists have the skills and the equipment to properly and completely remove the bees and honeycomb from your home. Using only safe and humane techniques and products, we remove your bees and rehome them with our local San Diego beekeeper so they can continue to do the work they love – pollinate!

Attempting bee removal on your own is not only dangerous but typically ineffective. Experienced live bee removal technicians know that removing all of the bees and honeycomb is the only surefire way to avoid future bee infestations in that same location. Plus, our team has almost 20 years of bee removal repair experience so we can fix any damage done to your walls, roof, siding or stucco. We take care of your bee problem from start to finish!


what to do if you find a beehive

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Contact San Diego Bee Removal Pros Today

When you find yourself with a buzzing beehive on your property, don’t hesitate to call in the pros! San Diego Bee Removal Pros has been providing top-notch live bee removal, bee removal repair and bee proofing services to San Diego County residents for almost 20 years.

We care about resolving your bee problem quickly and affordably while also protecting the honey bee population. Using only humane bee removal practices, our customers feel confident that they are getting great service while also doing good for the environment.

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